Interview with W00DY and Cierra (of Evlv Tech) for the E-volv Tech Fest.


What is E-Volv Tech, who’s involved?
Evlv Tech started as a support network and Facebook group created to be a safe space for open communication and skillsharing for female self-identified musicians and djs. Then it bloomed into being inclusive of gender variant identities because we realized the current gender construct is dead, dying or at least shifting. This festival is our self created platform to showcase musicians and artists who are pushing the limits of their genres, to liberate dance spaces from the stronghold of the patriarchy, & discuss methods of creating, enforcing & educating about saf(er) spaces. By showcasing and uniting these marginalized groups in a male-dominated circuit, we strengthen our subculture so that we can overcome the cultural norms of gender bias that inhibit the electronic music community.

Have you all been wanting to do a fest for while, or is this more of a “jump in the fire” kind of thing?
A festival-like event was an idea that many members of our community had on their minds or had talked about before but the workload is certainly intimidating. I (W00DY) randomly posted in our private forum about attempting to make some sort of festival happen, after being inspired by the DIY effort that is Hassle Fest actually! Tameka (Eastman-Coburn), who has been planning events for several years now, sent me a message that she really wanted to make it happen for she had been working on a similar project. So then, back in December, the planning began! Later on as the workload got more intense, we brought local DJ, Dee;Diggs, and community organizer & DJ, Cierra Peters (who spins as Earthaclit) to the team. Evlv Tech hosted several events in Vermont this April featuring DJ Sleepy G, DJ Pink0, W00DY, and other Burlington-based artists. We teamed up with Pop-up Queer Dance Party to throw a T dance/benefit for queer youth. At University of Vermont, we threw a “liberated dance floor” party at this years national Dismantling Rape Cultural Conference, where Tameka was featured as a speaker. In BOS we have also had collaboration parties with Pink Noise and Convergence. The festival was a natural progression. It’s the ultimate manifestation of bringing music and people together.

What are the goals of E-Volv Tech Fest?
Our main goal is to connect! We brought in artists who are part of other communities, such as Discwoman, Factory Girls, Nap Girls, Sister, and Substructure in hopes to finally be all together in the same space. We also want to connect Evlv Tech with the greater Boston community–we’ve been a private forum for about a year now, but have only been public (via our FB page) for a few months. By showcasing female and non binary talent, we are not only creating our own space but sharing it with the greater community! This event is for EVERY BODY to celebrate intersectionality, music, and dance.

Who’s performing at the fest? What are you personally most looking forward to?
So many people. We’re kicking it off at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge with UMI, Volvox, and a live set from Antenes. Fridaywe have a double feature at Zuzu and Middle East Upstairs–12 artists including JLIN, DJ Haram, Moor Mother, TRNSGNDR/VHS, and Kidaudra. Saturday we’ve got Lady Spindrift, FXWRK from NYC, and local hero Harocaz.

C: I’m definitely most excited to see Moor Mother and FXWRK.
W: I honestly can’t wait to see everyone. For the record that’s UMI, Volvox, Antenes, JLIN, DJ Haram, Moor Mother, TRNSGNDR/VHS, MSG, Palace, Earthaclit, Kidaudra, Mei Ohara, Anda Volley, Iams, Amelia Devoid, Joss, FXWRK, Lady Spindrift, Harocaz, Katie Rex, IVVY, Clickbait, Lychee, Faustina Helix, and !@#$%. Just in case you’re not hyped enough!!

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