D.C. punk band Priests has been taking their hometown by storm, quickly gaining attention and building a community with extensive touring. With records on the solid Don Giovani Records and the band’s own Sister Polygon Records. The group has been gaining a ton of well deserved attention from the likes of Pitchfork, Rookie and Brooklyn Vegan, and recently Landed themselves an opening gig for the Dismemberment Plan and Deerhoof.

We chatted with Priests drummer Daniele Daniele about their upcoming tour, pinching butts and her new band with front woman Katie Alice Greer.

Boston Hassle: Word on the street is that you guys are opening up for Deerhoof this fall. How’d that come about?

Daniele: That is a great question. Can you tell me? I really have no idea how they even heard of us, but they did. They asked us to come along on tour with them, and we’re really excited to do it. I really like their approach to setting up a tour, who they choose to play with, where they play, et cetera. I feel really honored that a group that puts so much consideration into touring asked us to play with them.

BH: I would think that playing with them is going to expose you guys to very different audience. Does that excite you?

Daniele: I would have to imagine so. Our sonic aesthetic, if that’s a thing, is so different than theirs. I think we’re really openly aggressive and therefore it’s easy to think us of as a band that challenges and confronts the audience. But listening more to Deerhoof’s stuff, I see a certain kinship, especially with their lyrics. They’re not aggressive, but they raise questions in a very blunt manner, which if you listen is also quietly insistent and a challenge to its audience.

BH: Which city are you most looking forward to playing in? Are there any cities you’ll be playing in that you haven’t been to before?

Daniele: I think we’re all really looking forward to Toronto, ‘cause it seemed really cool the last time we were there. But we were in the middle of an epic tour with all these long drives, so we didn’t get to explore the city much. Hopefully we’ll have a bit more time this tour, but we’ll see. Obviously we all really love Boston for a multitude of reasons. And last but not least, New York City ‘cause we’re playing one of the last Death By Audio shows with a slew of bands we love. I lived in New York City for seven years before moving to D.C., and D.B.A. was an integral part of my becoming a musician, so it especially means a lot to me.

BH: That will be an awesome experience for you then! Are there any DC bands you’ve been digging lately?

Daniele: Peoples Drug and Coup Sauvage & the Snips. I hope it’s not too biased for me to say I love Taylor [Mulitz]’s band Young Trynas. There are so many, but I think three is a digestible amount.

BH: Daniele and Katie, I hear you have started a side project called The Plague. What can we expect to see in the future with that?

Daniele: The Plague is all about an existentialism that bypasses ennui and gets straight to the live or die importance of creating a meaningful life and struggling to live it out, no matter how absurd. The best way for me to do this right now is to revel in the strength and divinity of these three other women and project that energy and that vision outward into the world, so it becomes a kind of virus that spreads.

BH: Will this interfere at all with Priests?

Daniele: The Plague is not really about touring or performance right now. It’s about survival. I need to be around these women. It will make Priests a stronger band, because I will be a happier and a more creative individual. So it’ll affect Priests, but interfere is perhaps the wrong word.

BH: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

Daniele: We all stand in a circle and touch each other’s butts while speaking in tongues.

BH: Finally, what are your top five essential albums to play while touring?

Daniele: They change all the time, but right now I would say Institute’s Salt EP, The Cure‘s Three Imaginary Boys, Ex Hex‘s Rips, Blizzard Babies‘ new EP and the new Pinkwash 7″ we’re putting out on our record label, Sister Polygon Records.

Catch Priests at the Boyleston Church with Skimask, Ursula, Animal Mother and Whip Appeal on November 16th.


15 NOVEMBER PAWTUCKET, RI The Met w/ Deerhoof, Lightning Bolt

14 NOVEMBER MONTREAL, QC Cabaret Piccolo Rialto w/ Deerhoof, White Reaper

13 NOVEMBER TORONTO, ON Lee’s Palace w/ Deerhoof, White Reaper

12 NOVEMBER KALAMAZOO, MI Louie’s Back Room w/ Deerhoof, White Reaper

11 NOVEMBER CHICAGO, IL Bottom Lounge w/ Deerhoof, White Reaper

8 NOVEMBER NEW YORK, NY Bowery Ballroom w/ Dismemberment Plan

7 NOVEMBER PHILADELPHIA, PA First Unitarian Church w/ Dismemberment Plan

6 NOVEMBER NEWARK, DE The Perkins Student Center at the University of Delaware, w/ Laura Stevenson, Cayetana, Solids

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