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We got a chance to chat with LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE, some serious (and seriously friendly) psych rockers out of Mexico. Core members Alberto Gonzalez and Lorena Quintanilla share some insights about life on the road, embracing uncertainty and staying positive. Lorelle play Boston TOMORROW (May 15th) at Cuisine en Locale in Somerville, as part of their full US tour. Come rock out with us!

Boston Hassle: What have you been up to since ya’ll last came to Boston? Seems like youve been touring almost constantly. What’s it like being on road for so long, and how has it affected your attitude and music?

Alberto: Last year, after our last US tour we did a small UK/EU tour, we released a new album earlier this year, toured the UK and Europe again and now we’ve been touring in the US for two weeks and a half. Being on the road has been one of our favorite things to do. It can be very tough but it is all worth it when you get to know beautiful people like you Chris and Sam. We always try to keep the positive vibes around to keep everything running smoothly.

Lorena: Being on tour is like almost practicing everyday so we keep our band tight in a way. We try new things live to avoid monotony. Also I think now we’re stronger when it comes to dealing with uncertainty. We have a very uncertain life in Mexico but being on the road is different. It is like you have nowhere to hide from it so you just have to keep going. It’s like feeding your spirit.

BH: Here in the states we don’t hear as much about bands from Mexico. Do you notice any special interest for your band because of this? How do you feel about it?

A: There might be excitement about the fact that we are from Mexico but it’s not like we get more beer at the shows or that nobody steals records from our merch table while we’re not looking. In the end we’re just treated like any other band. Which is cool.

L: Sometimes people practice their spanish with us, so it’s fun.

BH: What is your relationship to your home country? How does it influence your music? What’s the music scene in Mexico like now? How do u see it developing?

L: We’re not really aware about what is going on in Guadalajara right now. It’s been like 3 years since we left and one year since we moved away from Mexico City so what we can say about them is that they inspired us to become a more active band and to stop whining about everything.

BH: Any funny/wild/unexpected experience from your travels and touring? Any changed opinions/perception of certain places and people?

A: Nothing wild. Just the usual stuff haha. Our minivan’s alternator broke down on our way to Nashville but we were lucky enough to make it to the show, we were kicked out from an ‘under the table’ b&b in Austin at 6 am and also nobody showed up at our gig in Norman, Oklahoma (not even the local band that was supposed to play) so that keeps our black list of cities getting bigger. Also last night in Philadelphia someone stole two LP’s from our merch table. But as I said we try to keep the positive vibes around.

BH: What are your plans and hopes for coming year? What can we expect from you guys in the future?

A: We have some very exciting splits coming out this year, we plan to start recording a new album and hopefully make it to Europe again in early November.


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