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Under pressures from an unclear society, Anomie Gray develops from me. Gray zones provide little room for true interaction. Screen collapse disordered desk. Not without law, as her name suggests, but instead under the rule of gray, a color that exists in between. Black and white operate only as framing devices – this zone is ruled by a vague but all-powerful and omniscient sovereign. Rule is enacted with coercion. But Anomie only exists because law within Gray is too mimetic of its own process. Coercive ambiguity is this process. Anomie Gray is in love with reality.


International Parallives Institute continue their massively important work to support and educate those who develop parallives. Anomie Gray is one of many. But her significance is large. This lovingly crafted body of work is dedicated to the study of her memories.


Noumenal Tapes released their Winter Solstice batch of cassettes on, duh, the solstice last year. They tried to hide this breathtaking gem in with other admittedly awesome releases. Each of the four cassettes sounds fantastic and sports beautiful cover art supplied by Aidan Koch. Support the Birmingham-based Noumenal by making a bundle or single purchase here – enjoy the blissful Memoirs below.

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