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Jittery, tense, and unrefined, post-punk out of Austin is the short story of INSTITUTE. Brooklyn’s KATORGA WORKS, fine purveyors of left of center punk & hardcore, do the honors for the latest release by the band, the GIDDY BOYS 7″ (following in the wake of a Demo 12″ on DERANGED and a cassette). Not much out there about these guys, but really who cares anyway. More opportunity to focus on the music. The new 7″ is a 3 song-er that you can listen to in full below. “Giddy Boys” is apparently a song good enough for the band to name the 7″ after it, and I’m in agreement with the band on this. Starting of with a tumbling guitar line that seems like it could even go off in some BEEFHEART direction (it doesn’t), this song is of the brand of post-punk that veers closer to punk rock, than any sort of alien variety of non-punk music. The drums sound awesomely crisp (martial in a total CRASS manner), the bass sneaky as fuck snaking around like it does. The guitar playing is interesting for sure and the vocals nonchalant for the most part, in a good way, getting a little more frenzied when it is necessary. Definitely for fans of some of the Australian punk invasion of the last bunch of years. It’s that post-punk & punk thing. It’s not one or the other, to me anyway, it manages to be both. No orthodoxy here, so that will disqualify this as punk to many. And I just read that they have signed to SACRED BONES, so there are more disqualifications to come. Good luck making the jump guys. Either way, this band is wholly on point and trafficking in their own particular brand of un-punk that many un-punks should know about. If you are an un-punk press your ear to this now. Members of WICCANS.

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