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Infinite Room – Infinite Room EP

New project by Guillermo Sexo's Reuben Bettsak and some Atlanta friends


My first listen of Infinite Room was on the Orange line heading downtown. I intended to take some notes, write first impressions, but by the time I got to Chinatown I was so deep into my daydream it was a lost cause. These psychedelic fiends lulled me deep into my thoughts, but you could just as easily give yourself a headache trying to pick apart every note. Their first self-titled EP has a lot to chew on if you’re looking, but can easily be your new white noise lullaby.

Infinite Room is a great reminder (not that you needed it) of how many noises can come from guitar and keyboard. Infinite Room layers one on top of another with driving drums and some thumping bass. Songs climb to an exciting climax, just to drop out to be filled by a new, equally intense mix of oscillating loops, droning guitar, and atmospheric keys.

Sounds that replicate nature feature prominently on “Infinite Room.” Chirping frogs and echoing raindrops claw through the noise. You can feel the troubled relationship between the city and nature. A discomfort with our busy world of smartphones and concrete. In the album closer, “Void,” Reuben Bettsak sings “I am human” like a mantra – more like a reassurance to himself. There’s so much going on in this world and it’s easy to lose your place – it’s this feeling that comes through on every song.

My only issue with “Infinite Room” is I’m almost never sure what Bettsak is singing. With such a complex arrangement of sound, the lyrics are completely lost. His voice is a great, I just wish it was more clear.

Infinite Room is based in Atlanta and made up of Reuben Bettsak, formerly of Guillermo Sexo, Tom Bruno (no, not this Tom Bruno, wait maybe that Tom Bruno, no definitely this Tom Bruno) of Sleep Therapy, and Mike Walden.

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