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There’s this kind of guitar playing that I don’t truly know the origins of, nor do I possess the knowing musicality with which to ferret the answer out. Maybe someone out there reading this can chime in in the comments below and illuminate this dim situation of mine?

It’s a puzzling sounding, knotty, almost classical music inflected approach. There’s definitely a jazz related feel as well. Whatever the method or parameters of the playing, I have personally come across this (maybe KING CRIMSON-ian?) attack on the outskirts of what I guess would be called an indie rock sound. A CRIMSON-ian trickle down to DON CABALLERO and then I pick it back up with the likes of HELLA, ICY DEMONS, MAKE BELIEVE, etc.

Anyway, this musical vibe, it is regularly present in HYRROKKIN‘s music. The Columbus band, a trio, play rough around the edges yet epic, experimental, as well as instrumental, riff rock. The guitar riffs are however, strangely shaped, moving in tight circular patterns; the stubby bass pattern miniatures stagger, creating a constantly shifting forward momentum, while the drumming is impressive in its level of intricate propulsive simplicity, allowing the guitar to wander and erupting into fills at all the right moments.

The performances on display throughout the entire new record by HYRROKKIN (PRISTINE ORIGIN it is called) are some of the best I’ve heard in a while. Aggro indie rock/metal suites, free jazz battles alongside saxophone and trumpet, beautiful spiral staircases into noise rock hell. There are a lot of lines being straddled in this music. That’s probably a big reason it is as effective as it is. And the guitar playing is absolutely otherworldly.

PRISTINE ORIGIN’s birth into this world was assisted by the fellow Ohioans at NEW ATLANTIS RECORDS (an amazing label that also arranged for the release of the new record by recent Hassle visitors (@ Scorched Ear), MICROWAVES) at the end of last year. It is 7 multi-part instrumental suites of elastic, syncopated sound full of massive riffage. “Anacoluthon” has to be my favorite (as of this moment). 7+ minutes of jagged then pounding then beautiful and fluid rhythms. Riffs flow in and out. I can see how this music could actually disorient a person. A little more than halfway through when the bass drops down to a heartbeat… I mean, wow. Guitar and drums just go OFF splattering across the canvas of bass rumble (that cowbell moment can only be described by one word: sick). The tension builds and then before you can catch your breath the band snaps back into an earlier riff and groove. Spastic elastic new sounding and feeling rock music. An adrenaline filled syringe straight to rock’s heart.

Things get pretty damn loud in the world of HYRROKKIN, but it feels apt to liken them to a less abrasive FUSHITSUSHA. Such a statement is all compliment from where I stand. What a special band. It seems they are a creative force without bounds and excited to explore the world of space that engulfs them. Too incredible to not mention, on this recording you have: Edward Ricart on guitar, Paul Larkowski on bass, and Brett Nagafuchi on drums. Bob Weston mastered the record. Previously the band had only released a tape called ASTRIONICS. A record of !remixes! of songs from PRISTINE ORIGIN, called INSPIRE RIOTING, also exists, and includes the likes of JAMES PLOTKIN and KID MILLIONS. From what little I’ve heard, that sounds pretty good too.

This band is good for guitar, bass, and drums. A sincere pushing at the limits. HYRROKKIN, consider this write up an invite to play BOSTON HASSLE FEST 6 (11/7-11/9) in the fall. If you see this, hit me up ([email protected]), or else I’ll be in touch. Your record has been my GO TO for when I don’t want to hear anybody talking/ singing about anything, for a little bit now.

Listen To This Now.

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