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It Hurts are an Auckland, NZ trio that would feel right at home in a Boston basement. Over two tapes and a 7” (Clean Teeth, Alberts Basement, and Soft Abuse respectively), these gals have developed a pounding rhythmic sound that grounds experimental noise departures.

“Earth Sun Moon Us” hovers around a nebulous center like a whirlpool, passing in and out of tempo and synchronicity, and smashes your ears between the Scylla and Charybdis of slashed-cone guitar squall and Twilight Zone energy readings from space. The yowling full-band call and response of vocals sounds like a séance over a rotary phone. The insistent mobspeak chanting is equal parts otherworldly transmission, underwater street rally, and dilated Bacchic frenzy. The stop-start bass and drums (wisely clean to give the song a sonic footing) march us into the maw.

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