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HOUSEWIVES – “Fuck You or Fuck Yeah”


Somehow I feel bad about the fact that I often find myself jumping for joy over Australian punk rock, far more so than the native punk that I tend to come across. Maybe my channels are skewed? Maybe I’m skewed? Do you feel bad for me? I didn’t think so. And nor should you when I have stuff like this to listen to. Nothing like some nonchalant late 70s sounding spit in your face no frills punk rock (maybe some ALTERNATIVE TV in there?) to put a grey, somewhat dismal day straight into its grave. A Sydney band who share members with GHASTLY SPATS (another band that I’m feeling), HOUSEWIVES, put out a 7″ earlier this year on Australian DIY flagship label R.I.P. SOCIETY, and and now they have 7 inches of new vinyl out on ANTI FADE RECORDS (home to some bands we’ve previously strayed across like THE GOOCH PALMS, and CHOOK RACE). “Fuck You or Fuck Yeah” is a perfect slice of don’t give a fuck done with a little bit of style, effortless style. The guitars and vocalist sound raw as just about anything, and the bass, when it pokes through, is right there. Dammit, I would pogo to this. The ugly pogo.

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