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HOGG – “Solar Phallic Lion”


Prepare for a trip through a dystopian universe. This is the soundscape you will experience in HOGG’s new piece “Solar Phallic Lion” (from the album of the same name). Released through SCRAPES recordings, this is an exploration of sounds and feelings of uneasiness.

The song builds from its opening with a heavy, electronic drum pattern and a repeating bass line that sets the listener on edge. With tones of industrialism and frustration the song begins to really open up as the vocals and guitars come in. The heavily overdriven guitars lay down deep, scratchy sounds that captivate the listener. Then enter the effect-laden vocals to make for an almost dizzying combination. The robotic like voice sings lyrics that center around self-hatred, self-disgust, and seem to evoke fear of both the known and the unknown.

As the song comes to a close and the buzzing guitars fade out, one feels that the tension built up in the piece was never relieved. It’s a feeling that sticks with you, and shows how HOGG can use noise rock to induce this emotional reaction. The group deserves respect for making a piece of music that pushes sonic boundaries while still connecting to its audience on a very human level.

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