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GO TO: DREAMSCAPE 14, Saturday 4/21 @ Hope Central Church, JP

Where your dreams go to dream


Flyer by Kristen Koenig

Quite a few of our planetary neighbors have cozied up to our visible zone this April and if I didn’t know better it would seem that their approaches are timed with Dreamscape 14 in mind. We can’t say we’re entirely surprised. I mean, where else is Mars gonna get it’s fix on the multimedia smoothie that awaits? Exactly! Let it be understood that on Saturday 4/21, Hope Central Church in JP will open its doors to let the softness fill the void with enough chill to build a hill out of.

Dreamscape 14 will be the landscape of your dreams’ dreams, illustrated by the exploding color projections of Vidumami and the light and sound immersion Astral Chill will provide.  The tones of hypno-duo Neck will sooth the senses as if you were being tucked in by some kind of anthropomorphic tape-hiss creature. Vermont duo Waaw will invite showgoers further into the cosmic expanse with their soul-glazed softness and Trash Girl’s tuneage is also on deck to elevate ears. Make no mistake: there’s no trash about it, but the sights and sounds in store will be so psychedelically seismic that any dustbin would have to fabricate itself out of pure ice to keep up with how cool the mood will be.

Dreamscape 14 is where to go to propel your eyes, ears, and mind into galactic depths from the convenient launchpad of Jamaica Plain. It’s a win-win! Not only will you not have to freeze-dry food for this journey, but the thrill and fulfillment will be so immense that we won’t even need to tell you it’s on National Astronomy Day to entice you. Oh, wait…


Doors: 8 PM

Music: 8:30 PM

$10 Suggested donation

All ages


Vidumami’s projections accompany Dead Leaf Echo’sStrawberrry Skin“, live 2015

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