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GO TO: Cat People (1982) dir. Paul Schrader

Screens on 35mm 5/20 @ Coolidge - Intro by Kay Lynch!


Cat People is a supernatural classic rooted in sensuality, passion, and ferocity, remembered as a gem of ’80s horror cinema. Irena Gallier (Nastassja Kinski) moves in with her eccentric brother, Paul (Malcolm McDowell), in New Orleans, Louisiana. Not long after, Irena experiences a fervent sexual awakening tinged with violent, catlike impulses.

The Coolidge Corner Theatre will be playing the 1982 remake of 1942’s Cat People as part of their After Midnite program, Pillow Stalk: Erotic Thrillers After Midnite. The screening will be shown in 35 mm, with an introduction by Salem Horror Fest founder and Cinema Salem‘s creative director, Kay Lynch.

“Paul Schrader’s Cat People, like Suspiria and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, is a perfect example of how to remake a classic film known for its distinct visual style: invert the texture and color palate of the original,” Lynch tells Boston Hassle. “Schrader was reluctant to embrace the horror but you can see what drew him to the original source material.”

During Lynch’s discussion, the deeper meanings and symbolism throughout Cat People will be analyzed.

“All three Cat People films (1942, 1944, 1982) brush with taboo, transgression, and transcendentalism in a way that both depicts and subverts the conservative values of their time. In the absence of any meaningful queer representation in horror, changelings have often been referred to as a trans allegory,” Kay explains. “I plan to offer my own personal thoughts as to why I believe this to be a problematic read despite the original Cat People being my all-time favorite horror film, one that I even relate to as a trans person—just not in the ways many would expect.”

Don’t miss Lynch’s introduction, followed by Cat People, this Saturday at The Coolidge!

Cat People
dir. Paul Schrader
118 min.

Screens (on 35mm!) Saturday, 5/20, 11:59pm @ Coolidge Corner Theatre
Special live introduction by Kay Lynch
Part of the month-long series: Pillow Stalk: Erotic Thrillers After Midnite

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