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Glochids is the one- man project of James Roemer from Tempe, Arizona. Roemer, who is adept at both field recording compilation/manipulation and physical instrument playing (particularly gamelan, keyboards, guitars, and various percussion instruments) alike, has channeled his creative prowess into making a rather unique and intriguing product for Raub Roy’s excellent label, Weird Ear Records. Originals is comprised of several short compositions that utilize Roemer’s field recordings (apparently consisting of sources both from South America and Wisconsin, among others) and instrument playing to equal degrees.

The pieces, while generally brief and relatively minimal in their components, display a very focused sense of formal evolution to the degree that they often end only at the point where the first opportunity for sonic stasis presents itself, and sublime beauty is achieved. While the record is somewhat split between combinations of guitar, percussion, and keyboard/piano centric pieces, there is an overarching quality of playfulness and serenity that unites the record’s esthetic. If beautiful and intriguing/challenging yet unpretentious and unassuming music is something you’re into, Originals will be a very rewarding and surprising listen.

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