Jeez, where do these kids get the time? Future Days is one form of that incestuous, protean mass of creativity that also spawns Fume Hood, Los Greys, solo recordings, and other projects that have certainly sprung up since I began this review. New track “Rotary Phone” takes up where last summer’s schizoid Tony Plante left off, assuming the pop-savant persona for a strange grafting of cross-references.

Where Tony Plante juxtaposed twee winks of 60s Specter swing with jangling 80s alt-rock sprechgesang (among other guises), “Rotary Phone” settles comfortably into a shoegazing 70s stew. The bluesy main riff against the sunshine chorus of tinny guitar and mumbling falsetto harmonies make the structure all Big Star fuzzy. Perhaps, but Alex Marantz’s vocals indulge in Marc Bolan’s come-hither pout and Iggy Pop’s sliding inflection. Then there are the cheeky New Wave nerd couplets about calamine lotion and the woes of spotty cellular coverage. Future Days bind this volatile brew with tousled nests of reverberating distortion, power-stance bass, and silky acoustic sweeps.

But honestly, fuck whatever jigsaw puzzle I won’t be able to accurately reassemble – this song is inside shades cool, with hooks, textures, and a boogie to boot. Hopefully Future Days (and the group’s other hydra heads) will keep up the steady releases.

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