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Tim Presley has returned with another WHITE FENCE album, released a couple months back. Big fans here that we are we always look forward to these occasions. And this time this Californian releaser of many records has given us 11 songs calling it CYCLOPS REAP (out on the crucial CASTLE FACE RECORDS). Apparently borne of a general need to hem in the overflow of songs pouring from his mind, the album hisses, and flows, jangles and sparkles like previous WHITE FENCE albums. The main distinguishing factor here bending my ear is a rawer, simpler approach across the majority of the songs. The WHITE FENCE psychedelic pop approach, known well by this point (four solo LPs, one collaborative LP, a live cassette, and a bunch of singles have arrived in the last 3 years) is in full effect and you either get down with it, or you don’t. My mind isn’t blown here, but I’m having a great time and I am thoroughly enjoying the ride so make like I tree I’m trying to listen to this record. I left a few tunes below.

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