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The split cassette series between the BLOWING UP THE WORKSHOP and OPAL TAPES labels continues with “Mirror & Gate Vol. II” a collaboration between ROLLING ACRES and the wonderfully monikered HOBO CUBES of Montreal. It’s ROLLING ACRES that really has my ear here though (not that I’m not feeling the HOBO CUBES side and its psychedelic electronic excursions). Through and through minimal electronic exercises, perhaps best described as a more staid (though not less interesting) but similarly structured form of Scandinavia’s skweee. It’s the simple rhythms and knob twisting sounds that draw me to the eight tracks on ROLLING ACRES’ side. I’m a sucker for analog minimalism, and this has the simple beauty of the form in force. “Tex” is a dripping wet pile of rhythms layers and layers deep invoking all manner of twitching bodily movement. “In Squared Time” a dazed, 8-bit inflected wobbler brings to the forefront the cousin-ship to skweee, although a cousin-ship (as many are) which includes very different perspectives on the world around us. Can’t find much about ROLLING ACRES out there, so the music will have to do (for now).

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