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ULTRA ECZEMA is our pusher today as a little while back they released a 7″ by Belgium’s ORPHAN FAIRYTALE, a one woman miniature sonic universe created by Eva Van Deuren. And hers is a deeply woozy and psychedelic approach. Gentle and inviting, warm and enveloping. In lesser hands the sounds that Deuren employs could be cloying, and nauseating, but her hands are not lesser. What truly gets me about ORPHAN FAIRYTALE is the melding of playful innocence and experimental exploration. This is interesting music AND fun, even danceable music. It’s that middle ground where you don’t see the lights on too often, and it’s that middle ground where I more often than not feel like shining my flashlight. Deuren released an LP as OF called COMETS COME ALIVE last year full of similar, but longer form and less beat oriented cosmic electronic yearning. A bubbling mystery exists in her music (shades of DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE and the MYSTICAL UNIONISTS perhaps) that will draw you in, and offer you the opportunity to come back for more, which you will take. The 7″ on ULTRA ECZEMA, SECRET BEACHES/FATA MORGANA, is ORPHAN FAIRYTALE’s sounds distilled to pop song length, if not format. The two songs twist along, offering varying perspectives on twinkling, minimal psychedelic electronic music. Extremely excited by this music and to hear what will come next. Boston is available to you Miss Deuren.

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