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IN THE RED heaves a new record from THE OBLIVIANS upon us. THE OBLIVIANS man, Memphis scuzz garage rock heroes doing it as gnarly and lo-fi as possible as far back as anyone can remember (well, like mid-90s). One of the first 7″s I can remember buying had the disgusting garage rock ooze of this trio squeezed into its grooves. These guys were definitely one of the bands that made me realize that the street punk and worse that I had been listening to wasn’t the only fucked up and loud and fast approach to rock n roll going. And for that I thank them, and for the handful of stained and deviance filled recordings they birthed into the world during the initial time with us I also thank them. And then they stopped and did things like start fucking GONER RECORDS and record an album with members of the SHANGRI-LAS. And now they’re back and they have that new record out on IN THE RED and it’s called DESPERATION and I haven’t heard the whole thing yet but check the tune below “I’ll Be Gone”. It’s a garage rock stomper, basically perfectly crafted, not looking away from the quest for the holy grail of rock, not even for a second. And after hearing the line “Let’s rock n roll as we get old” I can relax and know that everything may actually end up being ok, maybe. Or not, but whatever, glad to see THE OBLIVIANS are back.

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