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Detroit rock, all scuzz, and bleary eyes, psychedelic pomp and sweat. HUMAN EYE have been at this thing for a decade plus and feature Mr. TIMMY’S ORGANISM, Timmy Vulgar, up front. The band’s new record for GONER RECORDS is the sound of garage punk, swill-rock, and glam having been melted down and combined and formed into a solid, then fried, then melted back down and injected straight to the mother vein. The sound of various rocks continually hitting the ceiling until finally a weak spot is discovered and the other side broken through to. The narrative concerning what is on the other side is one that HUMAN EYE begins to tell here with their new record 4: INTO THE UNKNOWN. It is good to know that thinking scuzz warriors such as these are on the prowl, and I will give a thank you to Detroit for being the breeding ground that it is for such things. If you like your rock borne of the dual notions of causing your head to bang, and your hips to swivel, and then shattered with an outsider psychedelic perspective, then you have a friend here. “Gettin’ Mean” is some glam psych sleaze that you may not have even known you wanted. But as Vulgar spurts across the fuzz laid down by his bandmates, the whole thing sounding like a very foggy notion, you may just find yourself getting down. We almost had these guys play @ Homegrown/Boston Hassle Fest 2 but I can’t remember what happened to be honest. Maybe we can get together again for the first time in the near future.

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