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Nastiness directly from Sydney. A bleak punk stew is the only thing on the menu where GHASTLY SPATS is served. This is some messed up sounding sludgy post-punk that comes mired in the muck and will remain there no matter how many times you spin the record (it’s worth spinning quite a few times). There is a demented-ness to this music which draws me closer. I would like more, but am worried about what kind of hell the band members will have to go through to conjur more songs. The name of this 7″ is, yeesh, WE’RE BREAKING THROUGH THE HYMEN!, and it came out on, yeesh, HEINOUS ANUS. On “Kid” the bass and synth collide in evil groove, guitar jangling away, vocalist sounding mean, background vocalist sounding as if she is stuck in bed and has been for a while (shades of LES GEORGES LENINGRAD in her voice). Droning weirdness in a rock form. Gotta take a shower.

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