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These Californian rock n’ rollers throw down some garage-y, punky slop-pop that gets your brain and your body moving in weird, wonderful, and wasted ways. G. Green sound like they’re having the time of their lives on this EP and could fall apart at any moment, making it an absolute blast to listen to. Lovingly crafted, shambling melodies fly around above you as guitars crunch and swirl, drums crash, the bass plods and thuds, and the likely less-than-sober vocalist spits and slurs his way through indecipherable lyrics. The party kicks off with “Our Boss,” a slow-burner with tossed off melodies that swirl around some impeccably sloppy, noisy instrumentation. “I Feel Like a Girl,” rollicks along with some insanely catchy melodies, the kind that can only come when you stumble across something special in the midst of your endless goofing off, and might be the standout track with its almost anthemic quality. “Soap,” another glorious mess of a pop song, throws some killer organ licks and a lot of cathartic yelling in for good measure. The concluding track, the excellently titled “Society of Shit,” roars to life with a fast noise-pop bass riff and sounds like the wheels could fall off at any moment during its wild ride, somehow managing to survive total destruction. I have a feeling that drunkenly seeing these guys play could be the night of your life, and I hope that they will make their way out to our side of the Mississippi soon. G. Green have stumbled upon something truly special, and this is one of the most fun to listen to releases that I’ve heard in a long while. Pick it up via A Wicked Company Records.

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