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What happens when you gather together a massive pile of shitty keyboards, Realistics stacked delicately atop rectangular doorways crafted from lower level Casio machines, get some ripping beats going from within the plastic hull of those very same artifacts and then let some unapologetic man beast loose atop it all. This, this is what happens. Lo-fi glory, outsider party starting madness, strange and bumpin’ (kinda) for that crew (I know you are out there, love you) that just wants to get dancin’ to the weirdest whackest shit available. To thee I give COP CIRCLES. This one track we have a hold of here raises all kinds of red flags. Afrobeat via shitbox synth? Loony tunes song structure, or perhaps no song structure? Out of bounds wilding out on various keyboard settings with little care for what else is happening. Dag nabbit I enjoy this. One of those situations where I can’t necessarily pinpoint all the WHYs, but does it really matter?? COP CIRCLES is from Denver, CO and they have another EP coming out soon it appears.

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