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FREE TIME, a Brooklyn-based band originally out of Australia, just released the ESOTORIC TIZZ 7-inch single. A track of the same name is featured on one side, while the song “Guess Work” occupies the other. By way of two very different paths, both tracks exist in a daze of apprehension.

“Esoteric Tizz” is a flurry of multi-instrumental sound and scattered energy. Introspective lyrics are balanced out by quickly moving guitar lines and breezy vocals that keep the tune upbeat and approachable. The song heads full speed into its uncertainty with ironic resoluteness. “Guess Work”, on the other hand, walks the path to uncertainty in a more much pensive, careful manner. The force of the “tizz” gives way to a heartfelt disquiet.

FREE TIME has created a thoughtful piece of art that reflects the paths we walk in understanding our own emotions—even the duality  of the 7-inch format itself points to a commitment to this concept. Here rich music and evocative lyrics create a clearly perceptive work @ 45 rpm . Out on UNDERWATER PEOPLES.

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