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Freaking – I’m Not Opposed to Sand (Single)

Crucial Dream pop from Boston


Boston’s Freaking released a dreamy, catchy, dare we say poppy new single recently that made us want to tell you about it because this is one of the very instances that we have received music that gets it. And even if “I’m Not Opposed to Sand” isn’t not your thing, you know it doesn’t really suck.

You may be at a different speed right now and that is just jolly as well.

“Im Not Opposed To Sand” is a single that was probably best meant for summer, but we will certainly put the song on my personal playlists to have the song handy for 2021. Though the recording’s grittiness may not be your thing (we think it has character) the musicianship is promising coming from this new quartet. There are multiple musical elements occurring here, not one of them out of place or excessive. The conjunction of the images and metaphors within this track are enticing too, and impenetrable.

So often you have music or art that is just blah this is what I’m saying (we know you know the feeling) and other times you have your impenetrable oddities that linger around in your already fuzzy, fading, glitching sub-conscious. Freaking as of this single fits into this category. But I mean it about the fading. Such is life, we all die, music must embody some sort of tragedy through our art to cope with life otherwise there would life with be substance-less. Hamlet, poetry, books, guitars, amplifiers, and so on.

Check out Freaking’s new single and follow Freaking on Instagram here.

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