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Exit Hippies – Dance Maniac


Weird ass band who I’m not overly familiar with, but nevertheless has been around since 2003, releasing records all the while. EXIT HIPPIES are a crust punk band out of Japan (they’ve done splits w/ THE WANKYS among others), and they’ve released multiple recordings this year on various formats. I’m honed in on the DANCE MANIAC 12″ they put out on Baltimore’s tremendous SPHC label (their second record out on one of off-kilter punk’s finest purveyors).

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that EXIT HIPPIES are a crust punk band that fucks heavily with acid house? Yeah that’s right they’re as serious about their squelching electronics over beats as they are about their garbled wall of noise guitar in the gutter efforts. LIMP WRIST was fucking with this notion on their latest record, but they don’t meet with the success that EXIT HIPPIES do on all fronts of this onslaught of musical offerings. On the electronics end they come off as something close to a lower-fi BLACK DICE. On the punk end, this stuff is as raw as is possible, plenty awful enough to scare some straights away if you direct these sounds toward their ugly faces. Pretty idiosyncratic stuff. The drum machine and vomit bass on “Be Be Be” makes me want to break things in the best way possible. Add in the GISM-esque vocals, and fuck! “Sun Rain” has that bass going on, here coupled with the sound of some dying video game and lots of feedback. This is some maniacal evil music. I’m in love. I come back to BLACK DICE, or SHIT AND SHINE, because these sounds are gross, but also fun, and there aren’t many bands in the world that pull that off. Wow, I’ll be spending some time over on their discogs edu-macating myself…

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