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Editorial position: Vote Yes on 3

Help protect your trans and GNC friends


Hey heads! We usually let our politics go unmentioned, everyone kind of just knows what’s up and it doesn’t need to be said out loud. This is different. This November there’s a question on the ballot that’s trying to slam back a law that was passed to give your (or you and your) trans and gender-nonconforming friends like me fair protections while out at public places. If this thing gets rolled back, it means any of the gender-variant artists and heads you know can just be kicked out of places like hotels, gyms or music venues just for existing. Some worker or business owner could just take one look at someone who looks too queer and toss them out or deny them services or accommodation with zero recourse for that person. The wording of the measure is a little shitty but put clearly, a ‘yes’ vote ensures continued protection under law for trans people in public spaces. Make sure you get out there and vote Yes on Question 3 on November 6th & help us be able to keep being able to go out in public knowing that businesses can’t just legally discriminate against us.

(words Clara M)
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