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A personal ornament and a lingering imprint – yessiree.

This Chicago git’n drums duo make journal-entry, run-on pop – Nunn Ones (Manic Static) is a continuous flow of adolescent ceiling gaze, a string of simple but monumental-seeming feelings that pass quickly and unresolved. There’s innocence in the absolute directness – “She Loves Me,” this is the accompanying riff, and that’s the state of the world for 2:44.

But the recording itself is hazy, and may just be what you hear walking home post show after presumably being blasted away by the Great Wall of Fuzz. The immediacy of the content is juxtaposed against the sense of space between ears and source of sound. Vocals curl in on themselves in Jason Balla’s full-mouthed Stallone croon before they ever reach the reverb. Snare and kick are muted and down the hall (the delicate, reflective cymbal is the most prominent thing in most songs).

The record sits in this sonic separation – it sounds like memory flushing back as you re-read the journal years later, a Wonder Years suspension of teen drama and knowing adult commentary.

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