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EARLY WARNING: Recent Raves @ The Brattle

Runs 6/21-6/27 @ Brattle

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We’re nearing the halfway point of 2024, and while I’m personally loath to start tabulating my own top ten until the eleventh hour, I have to say: if the second half of the year proves nearly as fruitful as the first, we are looking at a banner year for movies. 2024 has already provided us with numerous films which I have no doubt will be rewatched and discussed for years to come, and even more sleepers which I suspect will find bigger and bigger audiences as word spreads. Last year, as I noted in the preamble, I had a pretty easy time assembling my final countdown (at least until the late release of The Boy and the Heron scrambled everything). This year, I can already tell I’ll be sweating.

In a year this good, it can be easy to feel like you’ve prematurely fallen behind. Thankfully, the Brattle has once again curated a week-long program of Recent Raves, bringing a dozen of the year’s best-so-far back to the big screen (and before you complain about omissions, remember that such instant classics as I Saw the TV Glow and Furiosa can still be seen in their original run– like I said, good year!). As always, this is the perfect time to bone up before the end-of-year blitz, or to drag your friends to see one of your new faves. –Oscar Goff, editor in chief

Fri, 6/21
“Kaurismäki’s deadpan style and tonally controlled tragicomedy makes for one of the most interesting watches of the year… Fallen Leaves meanders without getting lost in its own pretension or despair.” (Josh Polanski)

Sat, 6/22-Sun, 6/23
“Obstructed framing, slow and drawn-out camera movements, a more stunning use of colors than one would find in most other slow cinema films, and a conservative yet moving score. There’s not a frame of the movie that’s a bore to look at, even if it requires a good dose of patience to view the scenes collectively.” (JP)

Sat, 6/22 – Double feature w/ Drive-Away Dolls
Love Lies Bleeding lies in the sweetspot, reveling in genre excess without ever winking at the camera, and telling a genuine and unconventional love story to boot. This is one unabashedly for the sickos, and it’s the most fun I’ve had with a new release in ages.” (Oscar Goff)

Sat, 6/22 – Double feature w/ Love Lies Bleeding
Drive-Away Dolls is very, very funny! If it doesn’t quite reach the same level of inspiration as The Big Lebowski (and how many comedies do?), it nevertheless carries itself with a manic, horny comic energy rare in contemporary studio films… It’s all so giddy and good-natured and breezy (particularly at a lean 84 minutes) that it’s difficult not to like.” (OG)


Sun, 6/23
“In the activity of watching the film and in all the narrative represents, the film emphasizes the power and importance of paying attention to the present, of the glimmers on the water and the potent colors of the sunset, moments of laughter with strangers and irony with friends, Perfect Days is a celebration of the miracle of all of it.” (Karenna Umscheid)

Mon, 6/24 – Double feature w/ Immaculate
A delightfully nasty little parlor trick of a movie, anchored on an irresistible ‘70s aesthetic and a rare star turn from perennial that-guy actor David Dastmalchian. 

Mon, 6/24 – Double feature w/ Late Night with the Devil
“The deployment of [Sydney] Sweeney as this possible new Holy Mother gives the film an undeniably subversive charge, particularly in the much-publicized dream sequence in which she’s done up in Virgin Mary drag. It’s an Icon’s Performance, and on that level Sweeney nails it.” (OG)

Tue 6/25 – Double feature w/ Sometimes I Think About Dying
“The film is cooked in this palpable feeling of dread and displacement unique to teenage girlhood; that you are supposed to be enjoying yourself and you are supposed to be happy, and deep down you sense you are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing, but there is nothing you can do to get out of it. How to Have Sex feels like a horror film, drenched in suspense yet there is no killer lurking in the shadows, instead it permeates the entire vacation, basking in plain sight.” (KU)


Tue 6/25 – Double feature w/ How to Have Sex
“It’s a relatable film– at times almost painfully so– and, morbid fantasies aside, it resists the urge to veer into cheap cinema-of-discomfort. Crucially, the film loves Fran, and wants to see her do better, and by the end of the film so do we.” (OG)

Wed, 6/26
Reminiscent of other naturalistic Spanish-language films like La Cienega or Too Late to Die Young, Tótem is the story of a young girl preparing her father’s birthday party, possibly unaware of the hidden meaning behind the gathering. Director Lila Aviles never strays far from Sol’s point of view, but effortlessly conveys a rich family tapestry unfolding around the girl. (Kyle Amato)

Thu 6/27 – Double feature w/ The Beast
“There’s an argument to make that this is the best film of [TIFF 2023], or at least the most delightful, most gorgeous, most rollicking, or most Italian. I don’t want to say anything else, lest I ruin this dreamlike film. Just see it.” (KA)

Thu 6/27 – Double feature w/ La Chimera
The Beast operates on a level of surreality that borders on anti-cinema, or a new form of post-cinema emerging to match our bizarre world. I am usually allergic to any film taking on ‘our modern world,’ as many writers and directors struggle to find ways to make cell phones cinematic, but The Beast leans into just how crazy it feels to be alive.” (KA)

The Recent Raves series runs Friday, 6/21 through Thursday, 6/27 – click here for showtimes and ticket info

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