Hassle Telethon & Performance Marathon, What You Can Do To Save The World

Donate to the Boston Hassle Telethon Month-Long Fundraiser: Grow With Us

We’re just over halfway there with two weeks to go!


Dear Supporters and Donors, or not

I write this in the morning on my way to a job that doesn’t pay me enough to look this good. But like you, I look this good, even (or I say especially) when I’m dehydrated, a bit too stoned, bobbing and weaving on a red line train thinking of, among a few other things, keener and leaner ways to hassle this city.

While I come to you as a not so humble music editor of bostonhassle.com, a team leader in a project of Brain Arts Org., I can say we’re gearing up for Hassle Fest 10 but also, to make 2019 the raddest year yet. By that, I mean we are expanding our EXTRA section so we can not only take our mindset we have for groundbreaking music, art, & film and literally break ground in other ways.

Pretty amazing what we do if I don’t say so myself & while I self refer to myself as an egoist, (that is not a lie) I will also say that there are over a hundred folks volunteering to bring you this organization that you by now probably love and hate, or if you haven’t been doing that already, then we’re not particularly doing our job, IMO.

Unlike the ‘blah blah blah what we say is news and this is what’s happening in the arts today’ papers or television stations, we’re a blog and community of artists and creatives raising up other artists and thinkers, because quite frankly, that’s what makes us tick.

& Also, I’d like to clarify the change of my name. I want to distance myself from that facebook asshole, as well as the food editor of Boston Magazine, both Chris Hugheses. ‘Chris Hues’ is my moniker for the hassle and my other creative endeavors, Chris Hughes-Zimmerman is my name for credits in my other, more formal publication efforts.

& So while in silicon valley, Zuckerberg and the above mentioned me imposter more or less actively manipulate and restrict artists’ ability to grow via facebook and instagram, we need to be able to form platforms without a reliance on, what is virtually a monopoly of communication and event promotion that facebook has over community and national dialogues.

So in order to best support and provide a platform for the fringiest of fringe artists and art communities we need your help and cold hard cash. Well actually we can accept your donations electronically as well, you can do that here.

We are currently at $7,895 as of 11:36 am Wednesday October 17th, 52% of our goal. We are half way through our fundraiser that ends at the end of this month. You can still watch the entire telethon at this link as well donate and check our donation tiers, until you can no longer (which is October 31st @ midnight btw, spooky! -ed).

& while you’re here, check out this rad video that volunteer Danielle Lauretano made as well as pictures of the break down by Omari Spears, huge thanks to them for being awesome.

Warm Regards
Chris Hues
Music Editor

Breaking down Telethon


Chris Hughes-Zimmerman //// is a poet & writer from Boston, Ma & music editor of bostonhassle.com. //// They can be reached at [email protected] or @crsjh_ via instagram & twitter.

For more of Chris’ musings, visit their medium page
& for the continued sustainability of bostonhassle.com & BRAIN-ARTS ORG. please consider volunteering or donating.

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