Hassle Telethon & Performance Marathon, Upcoming Boston Hassle Shows

2018 Hassle Telethon & Performance Marathon Schedule!!!!!!

Tune in @ 10am on friday October 5th to see where the madness goes...



10:00 AM Walking tour of DAP
10:30 AM Adam Foam & Mickey
10:50 AM Nick Shea
11:10 AM Subatomic particles… AND YOU: with James T. Huckleberry
11:45 AM Steph Germaine
12:00 PM EarthBreed
12:10 PM Bill T Miller of Orgy Of Noise on Modular Synthesizer
12:45 PM Kit Collins
1:00 PM Amanda Shea etc
1:30 PM CV
1:45 PM Pharess
2:00 PM Monkey Of A Bygone Era
2:45 PM Rixy & Mattaya
3:00 PM Line on Some Trip
3:30 PM Home Schlocking &
Voyeuges III: videos by Neil Horsky
3:50 PM arugula oglethorpe
4:10 PM astrology gameshow
4:30 PM nesta rot
4:50 PM Indigo Infrared interview
5:05 PM Hello Stranger
5:35 PM Lady Pills
6:05 PM Sonkhonkett
6:35 PM Thighs
7:00 PM Teen Empowerment
7:30 PM Standup Comedy hosted by Big D
730p-740p Big D
740p-745p Sarah Martin
745p-750p Kelly Vernon
750p-800p Liam McGurk
8:35 PM id m theftable
8:55 PM Mithsuca Berry
9:05 PM Molly Dower
9:10 PM Dienue Music Showcase: Clyde Black / Notebook P
9:40 PM Triple Yeah Productions video
10:10 PM
10:25 PM Azula azizi
10:45 PM In Pursuit of Cooth (Kevin Dacey and Theodore B)
11:00 PM abilities dance
11:15 AM katie lee mansfield
11:50 PM Duo members of zom zero
12:15 PM weatherman
12:45 PM sundog
1:00 AM Young Familiar
1:30 AM Volunteer interview
1:45 AM the cashmere room
2:20 AM Grandmother Miracles
2:40 AM Konopka & Sun Rad
3:30 AM Standup Comedy hosted by Sarah Francis
330a-340a Sarah Francis
340a-345a Marc Maggiore
345a-350a John Flagg
350a-400a Vaiden Jones
4:00 AM Chris Konopka
4:30 AM Luna Mariposa
5:30 AM Lightning Pill
5:45 AM
6:00 AM Evil Sword
6:40 AM Cambridge Science
7:25 AM Celebutant
7:45 AM Eric Baylies
8:00 AM Finger on the Button
8:20 AM Lazarus Ropes
8:40 AM Meibnaught (Lotux)
8:50 AM Kenyatta
9:00 AM Kevin Hogan
9:10 AM Triheart
9:30 AM Standup Comedy hosted by Lorelai Lyons
930a-940a Lorelai Lyons
940a-945a Emily Mame Ford
945a-950a Tony Capobianco
950a-1000a Jeff Medoff
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