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DJ WhySham’s Top 10 Boston Moments of 2018


Photo taken by Leographic Photography

Man, what the hell happened in Boston this year… I think I have been to about ten+ venues, met over 50 local rappers and singers, also being #YourCommunityDJ.

So let me take you down my Top Ten Moments of 2018!

1. Thank you to every single person who has booked me from the time I started DJing until now. I want to send a special shoutout to some events and organizations I have been a part of this year:

Suya African Cuisine Wednesdays | Black History Month Celebration at the Bruce Bolling Building | Boston Come Thru | Henny & Hotwings Live Podcasts | Zili Musik| Haley House| Boston Harbor| Chez Vous Roller Skating Rink| Queens Talk| Uplifting Little Divas| Peabody Essex Museum|L.A.B.S| BLOW|.

Honorable Mentions: Billy Dean, Red Shaydez, Dorchester Art Project – Sonia – Oberon -Great Scott -Pink Noise Studios


2. Brandie Blaze

Brandie asked me to be her DJ outside of “Great Scott”, I accepted, and it has been lit since then. Brandie is her own BOSS! Seriously go check out her record “Boss Like Me” and you will see exactly why I said that. Ms. Blaze and I connected over loving Naan N*** by Trick Daddy ft. Trina.  When Brandie started rapping Trina’s verse in my living room, I knew it was a match made in heaven from there. When we get on stage I feel like she makes me turn into Migos (all three), I vybe off her flow and we go OFF together. I can’t wait to see what Brandie has in store for 2019.  Watch out attendees to music festivals and concerts BRANDIE BLAZE IS COMING. What Dorchester, female rapper you see perform for WGBH?….I’ll wait.

3. Touring with Oompa

If you live in Boston and don’t know Oompa, you must not really be in the music scene. Oompa is a blast of energy and always giving the audience an amazing show. You can catch them with their band The Chocolate Factory telling the world “You Deserve That”, or making you feel like you P-Diddy in a mink jacket or Janet Jackson serenading someone on stage by singing “Your Girl”.

September 2018 I had the privilege to go on tour with Oompa and meeting local artists from each city spreading the love of music. Shoutout to all of the following venues: New York City (Pianos), Philadelphia (The Pharmacy), Pittsburgh (Spirit), Cincinnati (Urban Artifact), Detroit (El Club), New Orleans (The Art Garage), Atlanta (Smithe’s Olde Bar.)   

Also, Congratulations to Oompa for taking home two 2018 Boston Music Awards this year!


From Left: Leo, Oompa, WhySham & Amelia
Photo by Leographic Photography

4.  Amanda Shea

Who is Amanda Shea? Amanda has been out here doing her thing as a host, poet, manager and more before we met. I admire how hard she goes for everyone in the city and how much she has pushed various artists in the city to grow and do better. Whether or not you agree with how anyone moves in the city, she has everyone’s best interest. Who else posts everyone’s events on their social media (and she doesn’t even have to be hosting it?)  Who else checks the people talking in the audience while people are performing? Amanda is a part of many circles in Boston but the main thing is…she brings them all together and I can’t love her enough for that. We met earlier in the year at a Panera to discuss my future DJ goals and she has made sure I been on top of them.


From Left: WhySham, DJ Real P & Amanda Shea

5. Antonio Breez

I met Antonio Breez at Revel Nightclub in Quincy, MA for the Wild N’ Out Model Contest. Antonio and his team walked up to the DJ booth and asked if I can play his song. I didn’t mind at all, plus I was overwhelmed just being there (my own anxiety started to kick in.)

So I was like, if anyone asks the DJ to play a song they have to be hot right? Sometimes that isn’t true but this time it was and I am glad to have made that decision. The Migration Narrative I & II was two hot albums he released. My favorite songs by AB are “From the Slums,” “Last Time I Prayed,” and “Service.” Go check him out and show him some love on social media.

D-Money Man Martinez & Antonio Breez

6. The Middle East with Jungle Pussy was a crazy show!!!

Brandie Blaze was opening for J.P,  (I know that word is retired now but she did.)  The crowd was so amazing, I even got to do a 10-minute DJ set before J.P hit the stage. My favorite moment from this show was Brandie saying “I’m from Dorchester,” and got a lot of cheers but I hope the audience understood what she meant.

We don’t see too many rappers coming out of Dorchester….especially female ones and performing in front of a sold out show (2 to be exact)!


7. The Sinclair Gay Pride Show was another dope show I had with Brandie Blaze. Probably one of our first together!  I twerked my ass off the stage so much I forgot I was suppose to be in the crowd. Okay, what happened was… I love Big Freedia, DJ Colby Drasher started playing “Azz Everywhere” and I couldn’t contain myself. I went through the back door, had to show security my badge (because you know you have to have access) jumped on stage, turned around, and yea just click on the link lol


8. ‘Boston Got Next or BGN’, is a space for local artists to have private listening sessions and get feedback on their performance. We have had six successful shows with the help of DJ Troy Frost, Roxbury native. Thank you to Cliff Notez, Brandie Blaze, Dot Minor, Dro Casso x Kuro Sans & Zyla Sol for being the first six artist(s) to kick off our BGN sessions.


9. Bringing Back Boston is something I just want everyone to get involved in. This network focuses on addressing trauma, mental and public health issues in communities of color. I created this in 2016 and hope to grow the network each year!



10. Attending the Boston Music Awards was a nice experience. Many artists I knew personally was nominated, so it was a breath of fresh air to see people who really started from the bottom (No Drake) to have their work on various music platforms.



Click here to donate to Bringing Back Boston or Boston Got Next

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