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Devil Worshipper — “Into Radiation Wave”


This is what I want to be hearing from “rock” bands in 2015. Cosmic downer biker metal. Out on the highway, but like, not taking it too seriously. Introspective, but so slathered in effects that shit is never going to get THAT real cuz no one has any idea what is being communicated. At times we’re in a CHROME, PC WORSHIP, early-SCISSORFIGHT psychedelic and satanic sludge-rock/metal zone, and I want to live here forever. But I don’t even know who DEVIL WORSHIPPER is. I mean, really, there’s just about nothing out there about this (probable) one-man-band heavy-groove fiend out of Seattle. And perhaps it is better off this way. HOLY MOUNTAIN presumably know who he is, as they put out his record and all. But maybe the guy just pulled up on his bike, ripped a MAD MAX wartime-truck-guitar-guy solo, threw his record through the window at HOLY MOUNTAIN headquarters, shot someone with a shotgun, popped seven pills, opened a tall can of beer, and sped the fuck off into the unknowable horizon. I mean who the fuck knows? Heavy. In unorthodox ways. Dig that pan flute (or whatever it is).

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