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DAN’L BOONE – “Mindface”


DAN’L BOONE is a new super group comprised of some of the most tenured and dedicated members of the US underground. NATE YOUNG is known near and far as the founder of noise pioneers WOLF EYES, and last time he came through he scorched all of our ears @ HASSLE FEST 5NEIL HAGERTY is the notorious guitar player for scuzzy experimental rock legends PUSSY GALORE and ROYAL TRUX (among other projects). ALEX MOSKOS was a member of harsh Montreal noise rockers AIDS WOLF, and currently stirs things up experimentally & electronically via his amazing DRAINOLITH project. CHARLES BALLAS is lesser known to me, played in THE HOWLING HEX with Hagerty & performs as FORMANT. If he’s hanging around with these guys then you know he’s got SOMETHING going on.

So, based solely upon the moving parts of DAN’L BOONE you essentially have to give this band and record a shot at the very least. And if you do, you’ll find that this project is weird (‘natch), but also deep, and probing. Layers of sound exist on each track, some only revealing themselves after multiple listens. Their meaning just a number of molecules among a throng of molecules that constitute the cloud that is this music. It is possible to discern meaning from this music: Is it possible to discern meaning from this music?  A video has appeared for “Mindface” from this debut DAN’L BOONE record, a self-titled experimental sound treatise filled with phantom pulses and sonic pondering; 4 artists pushing and pulling on one another in the strangest of ways. “Mindface” is a dubby deal, bubbling, and droning, and crackling atop a backbone of wobbly bass. Organ and guitar and a bevy of acousmatic sounds waft along throughout the track set to the lo-fi experimental video imagery concocted (directed) by the band’s Alex Moskos. DRAG CITY released this record yesterday!

DAN’L BOONE performs (making their Boston debut) @ HASSLE NIGHT (OCT) on 10/4 @ Lilypad. 

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