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Out of Ohio and from the armpits of bands such as TIMES NEW VIKING and THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS comes COUNTER INTUITS, a band you will have trouble finding very much about at all online. Ron House (TJSA) and Jared Phillips (TNV) have crafted a batch of songs here of the variety that reflects many of the dank cavities of underground rocks that have appeared over the last 35 or so years. This is groove based slop rock, glittering through its thickly applied grime and with House incanting across the rough hewn and intoxicating guitar display and persistent drums.

House’s bent, and occasionally melodic warble twists all over, crawling over and under the presented backing music from Phillips. This record appears to be s/t, but it also appears to be called SHEETS OF HITS, and so goes this band. Overly stewed lo-fi blech of the highest order (and including some tracks with more rocking moments lest you think otherwise) removed from heat just moments before the whole thing was to go to mush. The line cooks responsible stand with their backs to the empty restaurant, which lost its business license months ago, and isn’t even open despite the door being ajar. The cooks, they have no job, they’re just doing what they do. Columbus style twisted up rock n’ roll, hard strains of which seem completely shielded from what goes on outside its home base. Which of course is the magic of such a place and its inhabitants. “Neo Confederate Cred Parts 1 & 2” sounds like an amazing and slightly annoyed early-90s lo-fi lost nugget, one that has finally become dislodged from its hiding place amidst winding loosely tuned guitars and crazy ass vocal phrasings/noises. But it’s not. This is new music in your face. Out on PYRAMID SCHEME.

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