Providence basement punks Cottaging (members of Ukiah Drag, Libyans, Cult Ritual, Diet Cokeheads *breath*) recently got back from tour, toting this carbuncular street chant down 95 and back. “Mise En Abyme” (Abscess) is equally spunky and heavy, smearing bodily discharges over tritones and lyrical groove-thrash beats. It starts with lone guitar diads – all flangy anticipation – kicking into a beach-party bash complete with underwater pedal swirls.

But Spongebob is soaking up 40 oz swill. The vocals are a guttural, even-syllable call-and-response (and one can imagine the head-banging off the mic in between each line) – the overall effect is somewhere between the B-52s fronted by a BDSM master or a Gang of Four cheerleaders in shit-kickers. The chorus ups the dynamic, dropping a cart of cymbals down the back staircase. Definitely a sweaty, plumbing-pipe climber. Grab a 7” (with glorious artwork), and keep a lookout for upcoming shows.

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