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Cosmic Psychos – Cum the Raw Prawn


As its title would suggest, Cosmic Psychos’ latest record “Cum the Raw Prawn” is not for the faint of heart. Released in June, the album offers up ten high-charged, aggressively male, exceedingly vulgar songs, which nonetheless grab the listener’s attention, albeit by the balls.

The band, which originally formed in Australia in the late 70s as Spring Plains, clearly hasn’t grown up in four decades, living its hard partying lifestyle to excess. But this is definitely a part of the Cosmic Psychos’ bizarre charm, with the lyrical content getting so ridiculous that it’s a lot more hilarious than it is offensive. Ross Knight, the foulmouthed lead singer, quips such interesting phrases as “There’s more to me than beer and pubs/Take me home and I’ll check your bum for grubs” (“Bum for Grubs”),”My middle name is ‘Trouble’/Eh no it’s not, it’s Barrie/Spelled with an ‘i-e’/What a stupid way to spell Barrie” (“Come and Get Some”), and “La la la fuck yourself” (“Cum the Raw Prawn.”)

Obviously, the Psychos don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes for raw, careless, intense music that is actually really awesome. Between the zigzagging expletives, there are some killer guitar solos, highly reminiscent of early hard rock bands, and some monster drum fills. The aforementioned “Come and Get Some” features both, and is probably the most anthemic song on the album, inviting their everyone to “come and get some” if they have a problem with them. Knight’s slurred Australian accent makes the song all the more anarchic, even as he rants at the end of the song about how he has the utmost respect for all women.

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