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Cherubs – Fist in The Air


This is the Cherubs “Pepper” moment. No not RHCP but more akin to the Butthole Surfers song that somehow greased it’s ways onto the airwaves and became a hit, or this would be if it were twenty years ago. Leftover from their latest album 2 Ynfynyty, “Fist In the Air” is bound to leave fans a little confused who are expecting more of their assaultive noise. Starting with a patriotic intro before morphing into a dirty anthemic riff and hooky chorus, it’s weird cause it’s not weird and almost sounding happy. Of course being the Cherubs they still manage to sneak in a heaping dose of cynicism as vocalist/guitarist Kevin Whitey describes it as “an adolescent wet dream of infinite, U.S. Can-do, possibility. Learning to drive, yearning for sex, burning for mall stardom—all manifested in the post-industrial triumph of the individually-wrapped American cheese slice. Stupid yum.” Don’t take it too seriously beyond a fun song as the band clearly doesn’t including two dismantling remixes; one nauseating psychedelic and another bizarre rave version. I mean just look at the cover art, it’s clearly a slice of cheese!

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