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Cherubs – 2 Ynfynyty

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And winner of the most unlikely comeback (keep dreaming Sonic Youth fans!) are Texas’s own rough and dirty Cherubs.While their noise rock classic Heroin Man released back in 1994 never made the splash they were expecting (partially do to breaking up over a fight right before it was released) it’s since become canonized in the genre that culminated in last year’s tribute album Everyone’s Dead Before They Leave . Any doubt from fans that the band may have lost their odd chemistry is quickly put to rest on the bludgeoning opener “Sandy on The Beach” from 2 Ynfynyty. While the album isn’t a repeat of the mescaline nightmare they presented in the past ,its still retains that heavy kick to it only now with a more directed assault.”Unhappyable” and “So Jellified” both would have fit in perfectly with their chaotic live shows while longer songs like “Monkey Chow Mein” find ways to stretch out rubbing dirt in the music without becoming too indulgent. This album is like getting a christmas gift from an estranged uncle who you thought you’d never see again but then returns with a fine ass bottle of whiskey. Get down and get ugly!

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