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Paul Rose, aka Scuba, is the head of seminal UK electronic label Hotflush and one of the premiere producers on the scene for the past decade. The dude has been working tirelessly to make and cultivate the most seductive, irresistible bass music, first with future garage, then with dubstep (not to be confused with the Skrillex led, US-bred brostep). Having moved to Berlin and a regular at Berghain, Scuba has evolved again into something familiar and yet, utterly elusive. At its core this is undoubtably house music, but its not just some simple 4×4 beat of days past. No this has evolved into a hybrid beast of massive beats and psychedelic twists, meant to wrap around your headspace and warp your brain with endless layers of ticklish sounds till you emerge from your sonic cocoon transformed into some sort of hyper-conscious dancefloor bodhisattva -or something. Oh fuck it, just check it out the vid for his latest 7″ The Hope, you’ll get it.

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