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UKU KUUT is a long-time Estonian producer of some of the silkiest, most luxurious and downright cheesy boogie funk on either side of the (now defunct) Iron Curtain. Having grown up in Soviet Estonia, Santa Monica, California and Stockholm, Sweden with his mother, fellow producer and vocalist Maryn E. Coote (aka Marynel Marju Kuut), Kuut incorporates the various influences of his well-traveled life into concise, cohesive beats that breeze easy with sunny delight. DC-based obscuro dance label People Potential Unlimited has recently released Kuut’s first LP Visions of Estonia, highlighting some of the prolific producers early tracks from 1982-89. Claps and snares ring out in a open, minimal Tron-esque landscape of neon porno-warble bassline grooves. The late-nite jams just keep coming, bubbling forth in a sexy froth of carefree naiveté. You can almost see the grainy images of campy VHS-warped commercials featuring beautiful people smiling and dancing slo-mo in a shadowy disco lounge steaming with sultry delight. So check that snarky millennial ironic distance at the door, and get in touch with a time when life was simpler and people still had fun going out and dancing.

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