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Ever since I got TERRORS‘ wondrous Weird Forest LP Lagan Qord I’ve been melted into a pool of dreamy bliss on a nightly basis. Elijah Forrest, the man behind TERRORS, delivers a wholly unique and downright cathartic mix of ambient folk and noise that is somehow both haunting, elegant and quite uplifting. Lagan Qord (which is actually a compilation of cuts from various TERRORS eras) begins with an engaging and pulsing keyboard drone that’s indicative of the rather mysterious but positively elated haze the rest of the record leaves you in. When the introduction reaches it’s climax however it suddenly reveals a more organic means to reach the same end, and this is where TERRORS truly shines. The sound of his guitars move gracefully through the air, like echoes through an empty house searching for somewhere to land. Even his melodies have a similar meandering quality that makes them seem as though they could be improvised. That is, before it becomes clear in his continued weaving of this ethereal folk tapestry that his guitar playing is both highly calculated and masterfully done. So too is TERRORS vocals; perhaps even upping the ante in the MASTERFUL department. His voice, so raw and sincere, is delivered with such honestly that you instantly feel as though you could tell this person anything, only he isn’t there. Indeed, Forrest is a bit elusive but what nomadic music maker isn’t? He has toured the country with several different bands/projects and has lived in many places before his current city of Baltimore. His music itself flows like gorgeous poetry, even when it is absent of words, and it’s all the more spellbinding in person. We seriously regret missing his show in Cambridge this past spring. If YOU don’t want to miss the next time TERRORS comes to town be sure to follow us here at The Hassle because we definitely won’t be making that mistake again.

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