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Sometimes we find out about a band just a little too late. Such is the case with Chicago’s PAPER MICE. We here at the Hassle would have loved to have helped them promote their Boston appearance(@ WWTA) last night, but we hadn’t heard them yet! And no one let us know! Jeez! So goes the last minute show, but all this has been said to say IF YOU’RE A COOL TOURING BAND, OR SOMEBODY IN BOSTON PUTTING ON A SHOW FOR A COOL BAND, OR A COOL BAND IN BOSTON/ NEW ENGLAND…GET IN TOUCH WITH US! WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Anyway, last night everybody over in Allston was having a great time, and we were fortunate enough to stumble upon these guys. And what they are doing is making some severely spastic, stop/start, herk/jerk post-punk. This is tightly wound up music that they occasionally allow to unspool, but not often. Bears a resemblance to some of the kind of stuff you could hear on SKINGRAFT RECORDS, or 31G back and the day and…hold the phone! These guys have a new record coming out on 31G in september! That one is called THE FUNNY PAPERS, and you can listen to a track from that below. That track “Swine Flu Suits” is full of skipping record-like guitar rhythms, insanely, wildly skilled drumming, and a spewing of famous people’s names in the lurics, who just might be the swine that the song title refers to? There is also an undeniable MINUTEMEN thing going on with these guys, especially in the vocals, and the curt nature of their songs. A record from a couple years ago was in tow with these guys last night and it is called PAINT IT PINK and is jammed full of the same sounds and spazz punk approach that has been discussed. That record came out on CASSETTE DECK MEDIA. This is fun, and challenging music, and it is not that common to find those two musical philosophies informing the same music.

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