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New Boston/Massachusetts demos! Boston is currently the strongest that it has been in a long time. There’s been a good amount of turnover in the scene resulting in an influx of new blood, new bands, and of course new demos. Things were getting a bit stale, so it was nice to have it all refreshed and shaken out. Many of the bands listed here feature members of DIY hardcore bands that were quite popular in Boston in recent years including Brainkiller, Scapegoat, Blank Stare, and Social Circkle among others. A lot of these bands have been experimenting with new sounds, infusing a different set of influences that you don’t hear as often, and pushing themselves in new directions. All of this has come together to create a breath of fresh air and a feeling of anticipation and excitement. Already Boston Strangler’s debut 12″ has made quite an impact on the hardcore scene, having already sold out almost immediately. Bloodkrow Butcher and Waste Management have recently released records with critical acclaim as well. With other new vinyl releases scheduled for release this year, it will be interesting and exciting to hear what could come out next. For now though, here are some Boston and Massachusetts demos released in 2011 and 2012 by bands that represent the new crop in Boston DIY punk.

No Sir I Won’t – demo
“Music Not Noise” the band claims on their site, which clearly states where these guys stand in regards to the endless amount of “Noise not music” raw punk bands in existence these days. I don’t think No Sir I Won’t are attempting to start an internet war with an entire genre of bands though so much as they are just trying to state their position on how they view their own sound. And that’s fair enough. I like what No Sir I Won’t are doing on here. I’m not crazy about their name, which is a play on Crass’s “Yes Sir, I Will,” but i think it shows the band has a humorous side (like Crass themselves) in a style that has at times been guilty of over the top seriousness. The great thing about No Sir I Won’t is while their sound is very focused, intentional, and clearly pays a lot of attention to the finer details of early ’80s English peace punk and anarcho punk, they don’t sound like one particular band. No Sir I Won’t is without a doubt a genre band, there’s no disputing that, but they don’t sound contrived. You can list any number of bands from Icons Of Filth, Liberty, Flux Of Pink Indians, Anthrax, Omega Tribe, Hit Parade, and more, but i think No Sir I Won’t sounds like themselves. If you’re looking for something refreshing and interesting, this is a recommended demo.

– Erik SN


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