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A SUP POP pop band, but one with some meat surely on their bones, Milwaukee’s JAILL put out their third record(and second on big SP) earlier this year. If you like jangly pop, hooks, some smart songwriting, and sure enough strong melodies and the harmonies to accompany them, then well you’re going to like this. I general try not to name other bands in order to describe the band I’m trying to describe. It’s like kind of lazy, but OF MONTREAL(at their best, pre-losing it/at their most straight pop) and DR. DOG(on that one amazing record EASYBEAT), yeah. There’s a number of songs that bear repeat listening and that is what I want in my pop record. What’s with “pop” records that don’t work that way anyway? I guess that means they suck. But this doesn’t suck. The latest record is called TRAPS. It opens up with “Waste A Lot Of Things” a bouncing 6os via indie rock filter thing with a great little chorus. Into the outro guitar playing. “Everyone’s A Bitch” follows that up and matches the opener in its exuberance. More 6os rock updated stylee, nice fuzz bass. The rest of the record doesn’t hit the highs of these two tracks for my money, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the listen. Things get mellow. “Perfect Ten” is another standout in this vein. Songs stretch out beyond jangle pop zones and I can get into most of it. Good classic pop rooted bands are such a rare breed these days. Keep at it JAILL. And I’m sure they will, as I read that they were playing their jams for 8 years before big SP came calling. Happy ending.

PS- Just looked up last time they played in Boston and it turns out to be like 3 weeks ago…@ Johnny D’s. How many of you even know what Johnny D’s is?? Man, we have to fix this town!!

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