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Careening from strange pop highs(as in mouthpiece Angela Sawyer’s piercing vocal shred) to noisy ear shattering lows(as in the madly distorted bass guitar, and bass synth rumble spread throughout the record) Exusamwa’s new full length vinyl only output, titled EXCUSEZ-MOI!, is a forceful and brief exploration of the world of underground sounds ranging from hardcore, to psych-folk, from chip-tune to small group compositions for the likes of violin and sousaphone.
In this record we have an ambitious album art concept on our hands. The always pushing themselves Exusamwa(they wear handmade costumes every time they perform, but never the same costumes) not only give you a record full of spastically challenging sounds when you purchase their new release but also a fully playable role playing game replete with a 36 page rule book and full color pieces to cut out and play with. My copy even came with special dice. What more can you expect from the person behind Weirdo Records and a member of the legendary Fat Day.
At one point on the record we overhear a snippet of a conversation between bandmates where directions are given to “turn the Marshall all the way up to 10.” And that is just what this gang has done. Sometimes literally as on “The Face: Eyes”‘ 1 minute of noise rock sludgery, but all over the record it’s clear that the band is going all out in every different direction. “I Mow You Down” is post-punk gone hardcore. “Vulcan Formed Them” strange psychedelic folk and broken drum machine. “Thank You Teachers” a hardcore blast, and “The Face: Ears” an 8-bit blipping electronic stew. This record should be famous. Out soon on 100% BREAKFAST RECORDS.

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