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Check It: DROKK(Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury)


Long story short, there’s a Judge Dread movie coming out later this year. The sounds found below, DROKK: MUSIC INSPIRED BY MEGA-CITY ONE, are the work of two men from Bristol, England: Geoff Barrow(of the band Portishead) and Ben Salisbury a film composer. They were asked to score the Dread film, then they got the axe, but luckily for all of us they were allowed to complete their sonic vision. And what we’re left with are the sounds of a sci-fi flick that never happened(or at least the soundtrack to a movie that is happening, just without this particular soundtrack). And it’s a shame, because the dark corners and neon lights put to music here are stunning at times. Surely, this is not groundbreaking music coming as it does long after Tangerine Dream and Giorgio Moroder, and Goblin, and John Carpenter’s film scores, not to mention the scores to films like SHOGUN ASSASSIN, and the like. BUT, if you’re into this kind of stuff then you will surely rejoice upon hearing these cold, hard insistent synth blasters. Synths create low lying clouds of droning atmosphere that give way to the relentless rhythm of arpeggiated note flurries. Retro sounding and awesome, these guys are certainly not the first to be taking back this method of making music, but they’ve made some of the best of the new breed. “Lawmaster/Pursuit” starts things off with a slow burning synth-bass come on that builds and builds until the arpeggiator kicks in and the song shifts into high gear even adding some industrial sounding percussion. “Justice One” absolutely gets into Carpenter territory, allowing a cool melody to glide atop an amazing little bass pattern. And on “Inhale” the longest track of the record the duo even breaks out an actual drum set and guitars to go the route of some more organic Kraut stylings, a swirling minor Can style number. Sit down in your favorite chair and press play. Out on INVADA RECORDS.

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