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For those of you who know how crucial the legacy of COUGHS is, let this feature be a nice little reminder that you know what’s up; Not just what’s up with relevant cutting edge noise rock that is taking over the underground but also about the thick mire from which it originated. This six piece Chicago outfit brought their clamoring wrecking ball of distorted grooves barreling through the better half of the Noughties and its aftermath is continuing to change the game as we know it. These dudes brought empty 50 gallon drums and twisted sheet metal percussion into the mix of their insane and epically deep fuzz bass grooves, blown to shit sax and squelching, screaming vocals. Basically all the good stuff that is inspiring the great skronky noise explosion of our time must tip its hat or at least send a creepy to wink in the direction of COUGHS. Definitely dive deep into their wealth of inspirational noise fuckery that has been released by such notable labels as LOAD and NOT NOT FUN but follow the paths of these pivotal peeps and you will find their continued influence spewed all over the whole US. Three of it’s members went on to form CACAW, one of whom makes all of the outstandingly original artwork of art-rock architects ROTTED TOOTH RECORDS and Vanessa is carrying the torch on the West Coast with the brutal thrash of Sister Fucker. If you don’t know, now you know.

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