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From the murky depths of the head of the Neponset River comes an ugly band, a reviled band, a dangerous fucking band. Quincy, MA’s BUGS AND RATS play a blackened version of what was at a time called grunge, but more accurately is probably described as something like sludge rock. Slightly affected vocals full of negativity scrape along atop a relentless, noisy as hell blend of bass/drums/guitar playing more often than not simple riffs that stab you in the gut with their simplicity and then drag you along the rest of the way. These guys have been at it for a while and have a handful of records to show for it, their most recent, GET THAT FUCKING LIGHT OUT OF MY FACE, having come out on vinyl within the past couple of months. And the title says it all. “Love Still Exists” opens up the record with some real post-punk snarl, drums and bass locking into a simple relentless groove, the guitar blasting in when the time is right, disinterested vocals speak-singing intermittently. “4 Digit Debt” gets uglier. A nasty mean riff plods along as the vocals amp it up screeching now. This is nasty stuff but the groove maintains, and your head will bang at a very reasonable bpm. “People Watching In Boston” is as aggro as this whole lots gets, with more head banging in the making, and some noisy bits of guitar letting loose. I can only imagine that these guys do not have fond feelings for the people that they are watching in Boston. None of these 9 songs clocks in at over 3 minutes, and that is the way it should be. BUGS AND RATS are seriously concise in engineering their vitriolic rock spew. Go see these guys tonight @ Radio in Somerville, or any other time.

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