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Bataille Solaire is the psychedelic space drone project of Montrealien Asaël Robitaille (Leopard et Moi, Femminelli). His new tape Baal Shamash et Son Char Céleste, off Los Discos Enfantasmes, is a 40 minute-long doozy of a headtrip. Opening with a solemn procession of synth organs announcing the listener’s passage from the mundane quotidien towards a transcendant communion with the infinite, this cosmic craft hurtles through deep space, crossing through shimmering waves of delayed harp dance and sparkle like so many rays of light from innumerable stars. Deep muted droned tones cascade through the infinite expanse of the void, sustained by premonitions of something dark, cold and funky lurking behind the veil of the unconscious. Bataille Solaire takes his listeners through a variety of astral terrains, some quiet and meditative, others pulsating to a kosmische groove, and still others bubbling in a jumble of synth noise gyrations dripping with fuzzy feedback relayed from the ancient bacchanalias of distant galaxies. No matter the tempo or tone, Bataille Solaire throws the listener head first into the heart of his sonic abyss, and makes you smile at its immanent beauty. Don’t miss out on this galactic jam-out.

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