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Bad Drugs is one of heaviest bands of all time, across the entire genre board. The consistency of their brutal sound is unparalleled, driving psychedelic noise rock that contains only the most intense elements of punk, metal and thrash but blown out to the brink of obscurity. It’s a hard place to get to, though many try, and Bad Drugs have built themselves an empire there. Be aware that their hooks are sharp as razors and will sink deep inside you despite being masked by a solid wall of nasty noise textures. Seering lead guitar licks and wild out-saxaphone burst out from the relentless distorted rock turbulence like corpses hands emerging from the earth in a graveyard, determined to haunt you (or at least scare the shit out of ya). Put out on the totally spot on independent label ROTTED TOOTH, their full length record is a testament to the ruthlessness of the Chicago noise rock scene. With equal parts creeping, dark, groovy noise dirges and fast, savage, thrash blasts Bad Drugs’ Raw Powder has everything a heavy music lover could want. Although they have since broken up keep an eye out for these guys’ other projects because there’s no way they’re finished fucking people up with their barbaric take on heavy out rock. Also look for a posthumous Bad Drugs 7″ to be released in the near future, or so we hear.. Normally we would never recommend such a thing but yo, take in some BAD DRUGS!

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